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"E" Cards Rotating Out

Date Updated: January 15, 2024

All "E" cards that have not been reprinted in the Scarlet & Violet series will be rotating out of play on April 5, 2024. This includes Single Strike, Rapid Strike, and Fusion Strike series such as Mew V and Mew V Max from Fusion Strike. Highly playable cards such as Path to the Peak and Battle VIP Pass will also be leaving. What new decks will become Meta come April?  TCG Live will rotate out 2 weeks earlier on March 22, 2024.

Scarlet & Violet 151 Revealed

Date Updated: June 16, 2023

Scarlet &Violet 151 will be the English name of the Japanese set Pokemon 151. The set has already been released in Japan.  The set will be released elsewhere on September 22 2023.  The set marks the first time all 151 Pokémon from Kanto have been allowed to appear together since 2002. The set follows the traditional PokéDex entries and not sorted by type. There are 165 cards in the set. Several products will be released.

Obsidian Flames Burns onto the Scene

Date Posted: June 10, 2023

Obsidian Flames will be the next set released in the Scarlet & Violet series. The entire Japanese set will be released in the English version of the set. The promos for the upcoming prerelease Build and Battle decks have been revealed. The set will release in August 2023.

  • Palafin (SV036)

  • Cleffa (SV037)

  • Togekiss (SV038)

  • Mawile (SV039)

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Shut Down

Date Posted: April 3, 2023

On June 5, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. PDT, the Pokémon TCG Online will be removed from the App Store, Google Play, and Pokemon.com and game servers will be shut down. On June 8, 2023, Pokémon TCG Live game will officially launch.

Players will continue to be able to migrate their information from TCG Online to TCG Live after June 5,2023. No end date for migrating data is planned at this time.

2023 Trainer's Toolkit

Date Posted: April 2, 2023

The 2023 Trainer's Toolkit will be released on June 9, 2023.

The Pokémon TCG: Trainer's Toolkit includes:

  • More than 50 useful cards to power up your decks, including dozens of Trainer cards, Arceus V, and Arceus VSTAR

  • More than 100 Basic Energy cards

  • 4 Pokémon TCG booster packs

  • 65 card sleeves

  • A Deck Builder's Guide

  • 6 damage-counter dice

  • 1 competition-legal coin-flip die

  • 2 condition markers

  • 1 acrylic VSTAR marker

  • A code card for Pokémon Trading Card Game Live


Scarlet & Violet—Paldea Evolved

Date Posted: March 24, 2023

The next set in the Scarlet & Violet series has been announced. Scarlet & Violet—Paldea Evolved will be released on June 9, 2023 and will feature over 190 cards. Over 15 new ex cards will be released as well as over 30 Trainer Gallery cards.

Changes Coming to TCG

Date Posted: March 12, 2023

There are upcoming changes to the rules of Pokemon TCG with the upcoming Scarlet and Violet expansion. These will go into effect on April 14, 2023.

The changes are as follows:

  • Pokémon Tool cards will NOW be considered their own category of cards. Tool cards will no longer will be searchable with cards that look for ITEMS. This change works for ANY Pokémon Tool from the Violet & Scarlet to older Pokémon Tools.

  • The language used on card effects that involve switching the opponent's Pokémon will change slightly for the Scarlet & Violet Series in order to make it clearer which Pokémon is being affected. For example, Pokémon Catcher from the Sword & Shield Series said:

    Flip a coin. If heads, switch 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon with their Active Pokémon.

    For the Scarlet & Violet Series, Pokémon Catcher will now say:

    Flip a coin. If heads, switch in 1 of your opponent's Benched Pokémon to the Active Spot. 

    Cards that cause a Pokemon to be removed from the ACTIVE SPOT will say SWITCH OUT.

A new Era Begins: Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet Build & Battle Box

Date Posted: March 13, 2023

The first expanision of Scarlet & Violet will be released on March 31, 2023. Players can visit their local Trading Card shop and partcipate in the Prerelease tournaments that begin March 17, 2023. Each prerelease deck comes with a 40 card set and 3 promo packs from the new set. Players will build a 40 card deck and battle it out and try to take their 4 prize cards first.

Each prerelease box will feature 1 of 3 promo cards. These are:

  • Quaquaval (SV005)

  • Pawmot (SV006)

  • Hawlucha (SV007)

  • Revavroom (SV008)


Relive the Classic Trading Cards

Date Posted: February 27, 2023

Pokemon will be releasing a special set that focuses on the original cards from the debut of the Pokemin Trading Card Game. The set will release in late 2023. features a foldable, portable two-player game board complete with card placement zones for your Active Pokémon, Benched Pokémon, deck, discard pile, and Prize cards. Since this board features a compartment at the center, it can also hold up to three decks and a toolbox featuring accessories you need for battling.

Pokémon TCG: Cyrus and Klara Premium Tournament Collections

Date Posted: February 12, 2023

Cyrus and Klara are each getting a Premium Tournament Collection set. Each of these Pokémon trainers are getting a full-art Supporter card and three additional foil Supporters cards. Each set will go on sale on March 24, 2023.

The Pokémon TCG: Cyrus and Klara Premium Tournament Collections include:

  • 1 full-art foil Supporter card featuring Cyrus or Klara

  • 3 additional foil Supporter cards featuring Cyrus or Klara

  • 65 card sleeves featuring Cyrus or Klara

  • A sturdy deck box featuring Cyrus or Klara

  • A large metallic coin featuring Cyrus or Klara

  • 2 coin condition markers

  • 6 tournament-ready damage dice

  • 7 Pokémon TCG booster packs

  • A code card for online redemption


Support for Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Ending

Date Posted: February 1, 2023

Card set development for the Pokémon TCG Online will end on March 1, 2023. The game will no longer receive updates for new cards after this day. The game will also not receive the 2023 Standard Rotation scheduled for April 14, 2023. All support for the game will come at a later date including the removal from app stores.